Some mailbox mounting repairs

Some mailbox mounting repairs

We got quite a big early-April snowstorm here in Utah, and I came outside to discover that something or someone—perhaps a plow—had hit my mailbox hard enough to snap the mounting board off of the post.

A close-up of the post, with a piece of the plastic mounting board still screwed into place.

(As an aside, this is not the mailbox I want, but perhaps the mailbox I deserve. The mailbox I actually want is sitting in my workshop, an unfinished project that stalled out after ballooning in scope and then hitting significant setbacks. But that's a whole different post.)

Anyhow, this called for a quick repair, so that I could actually receive mail the next day.

Fortunately, I had a 4x4 bracket laying around that seemed like it could secure things nicely. I broke out the Dremel and started cutting away just enough of the surviving mounting board to fit the bracket.

Plastic mounting board, modified to fit a metal 4x4 bracket. On work table next to hammer and Dremel.

From there, it was straightforward to drill some quick holes and secure the bracket into place with nuts and machine screws.

Mounting board with bracket attached with machine screws and nuts

After removing the broken bit of mounting board that was still screwed into the post, it was a nice pressure-fit for the bracket onto the post, and secured with two screws.

Mounting board and bracket secured onto the post

And that's it! A nice quick repair, but it's now feeling even more secure than it did before. Counting it as a win.

Mailbox reinstalled and secured with the mounting board + bracket combination.